Specialized equipment & personnel


Want to export the ‘Made in Italy’ know how….

Risa Trading can assist in the purchase of new (or refurbished) industrial machinery and in the assembly of complete turnkey installations, also providing technical assistance and specialized manpower.

One time Services

  • the purchasing of new and refurbished industrial equipment
  • the installation and assembly of complete production facilities.


Turn-key solution services

RISA can provide the machinery, the technical assistance for proper installation and ongoing support and specialised personnel for start-up and long-term operations.

Areas of expertise

  • Textile machinery and equipment
  • leather and shoe manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • stone cutting and polishing machinery and equipment
  • glass making machinery and equipment.
Business development

Business Consulting Services

We coordinate and manage the buying and selling of goods with an approach and a global view of import and export flows.

Specialized equipment & personnel

Want to export the ‘Made in Italy’ know how….