Risa Trading

Risa Trading

RISA was created in 1986 as an import/export company for luxury goods  ‘Made in Italy’ to join a small group of service companies in operation since 1929  specialized in international business and trade.

Risa Trading

We are recognized as high-end Made in Italy suppliers in Asia, Oceania and major export markets.
From Milan, the international capital of creativity, we work mainly in the Fashion sectors (from materials, textiles and leather to the finished garment and accessories) and Interior design (design and turnkey projects).

Thanks to our location, we are first to know of latest innovative trends of fashion & design, and have ease of access to the artisans and manufacturers of the ‘goods’

How we operate

We assist in the search for new products with exclusive features, and we co-ordinate and supervise the design and production of samples, limited editions, or quality industrial productions.

What we offer – Foreigner

With our knowledge of the Italian market, strategic location, and the network of contacts we have built over the years we can assist you in finding exactly what you need: whether it is ‘ready to wearor use or custom fit and design.

In addition to traditional international trade services, we also provide logistics services including customs management, and support for the establishment of an Italian operating structure if necessary.