Clothing and accessories: product creation and personalization


RISA can organise and coordinate the manufacture of “private labels” and/or customized apparel collections.


From yarn to ready to wear

We help our customers move from the idea to the creation of the desired product(s), by assisting in the selection of the best material/textile and artisans/manufacturer to achieve excellence. We coordinate the delivery of products in every part of the world.

Design Services

  • Style  and design consultancy and advice (prototype and sample creations)
  • Selection of artisans and production facilities
  • Quality inspections during the production
  • Final inspections before shipping.


Assist in the selection and purchasing of the materials:

  • Raw yarn, fabrics for clothing, leathers
  • Accessories: buttons, buckles, rhinestones, zips.

Finished Branded Products

  • Research of specific products requested by the client (shoes, handbags, ties, scarves, jewelry, watches ...)
  • Provide the client with a selection of products based on given specifications
  • Coordination of visits to showrooms and fairs
  • Coordination of purchasing, storing and shipping of the products according to the client's requirements.