Interior Design Solutions & Home Decor

Interior Design Solutions & Home Decor

Contemporary furnishings in which elegance, refinement of finishes and Italian craftsmanship meet the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Décor and exclusive accessories for interior design.

We provide design assistance, creative and operational support for furnishing apartments, residential complexes and hotels in full compliance with the technical specifications provided by clients.

We provide our customers with a network of skilled craftsmen and companies able to produce products and furnishings with strong design content

We assist in finding the most suitable materials and suppliers to create, in the personalized style, finishes, furniture and household items (sleeping area, living room, kitchen, bathroom and lighting) and outdoor solutions

We find consumer and luxury products, textile products and home accessories, "unique pieces" and ornamental components based on the technical specifications and the aesthetic sought

In addition to sending samples, we coordinate storage, transportation, delivery and onsite installation

We organize visits to showrooms in the Northern Italian Design District to see/touch first hand the quality of raw materials and products made in Italy and draw on this globally recognized heritage.